CBPR was made possible thanks to generous donations from the Promobilia Foundation and the IngaBritt and Arne Lundberg Research Foundation.

Members of the Center of Bionics & Pain Research have previously or currently received funding from the following organizations:


“The aim of the Foundation is to promote the development of technical aids so that disabled persons could benefit of a more active life. Our task is to support research and development of technical aids as well as ensure they get into production and reach the needy.
The Foundation mainly gives support for development of tools for mobility handicapped but has also supported research about the comprehension of reading and writing difficulties. The Foundation has also supported research around diseases that could lead to severe motion problems.”

IngaBritt och Arne Lundbergs Forskningsstiftelse

“The purpose of the Foundation is to promote scientific medical research, mainly dealing with cancer, renal disease and orthopaedics.
As a rule, the Foundation’s grants over the years have been awarded to major projects that are considered to be essential to the future development of the areas for which the Foundation was established. Normally, grants are not awarded for project funding. Priority is given to grants for the purchase of instruments, aids and equipment. Priority is given to research within the Gothenburg region.”


“The Swedish Research Council is Sweden’s largest state research financier and provides support for research of the highest scientific quality in all fields of science. Every year, we support Swedish research with almost SEK 7 billion.”

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

“The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF, supports research in science, engineering and medicine for the purpose of strengthening Sweden´s future competitiveness. SSF provided funding of around SEK 600 million per annum and has a capital of approximately 11 billion as a basis for its activities. Funds are given to a large number of research projects at universities and technical institutes, many in collaboration with industry and also awards grants to leading researchers, with an emphasis on young coming stars.”


“We identify areas where our efforts can make a difference, and we create opportunities and incentives for organisations to work together to meet important societal challenges.
We stimulate collaborations where knowledge and skills from different perspectives meet and where organisations learn from each other. Our support gives companies and organisations the opportunity to experiment and test new ideas before they become profitable. Every year, Vinnova invests approximately SEK 3 billion in research and innovation.”

Innovationskontor Väst

“The Chalmers Innovation Office works to provide free support to individuals and research activities at Chalmers on issues related to innovation and utilization. Our goal is to help streamline the utilization of academic research and thereby contribute to creating values ​​for society and business. This also includes counseling to HEIs.”


“The goals and activities of FLAG-ERA are, in close connection with the two Flagships :

  • To set up mechanisms to facilitate and encourage integration of nationally/regionally funded research into the Flagship work plans
  • To maintain an inventory of funding and scientific landscapes in the domains of the Flagships
  • To analyse overlaps & gaps to adapt national/regional research agendas in the domains of the Flagships
  • To launch dedicated transnational initiatives, for instance joint calls, allowing researchers from several countries to join forces
  • To network with potential new participants
  • To disseminate project information to relevant stakeholders”

European Commission

“The European Commission is the executive branch of the European Union, responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, upholding the EU treaties and managing the day-to-day business of the EU.”

Chalmers Areas of Advance

“The Areas of Advance are organised as strong, challenge driven thematic platforms for strategy and long-term collaboration that hunt down specific challenges, often directly relevant for industry and society. They also offer common access to cutting-edge research infrastructures as well as to several targeted centres. At the same time, our departments represent a continuous source of expertise. And it is this, the interplay between the departments and the Areas of Advance, that is so instrumental to our success, mobilizing all aspects of our operations.”

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