Alexandra Middleton

Position: PhD Candidate, Medical Anthropology (Princeton University)

Hometown: Bend, Oregon, USA

Background: MA in Anthropology (Princeton), 2017; BA in Cultural Anthropology (Duke), 2013

Research Focus:

Research Interest:

Middleton, Alexandra. 2017. “Reterritorializing the Body: Ethnographies of Emergent Biotechnologies.” Anthropological Quarterly 90(1): 267-276.
Middleton, Alexandra. 2016. The Social Life of Medicine in Northern Togo. In Charles Piot ed.
Doing Development in West Africa: A Reader by and for Undergraduates. Duke University Press

Alexandra is a medical anthropologist and PhD candidate at Princeton working at the interface of neuroscience, disability studies, embodiment, feminist studies of science, and experimentality. She is currently conducting her dissertation fieldwork with BNL, examining these themes as they relate to the development of brain-machine-interface prosthetic technologies and the use of virtual reality in treating phantom limb pain (PLP). Alexandra is interested in questions of subjectivity, patienthood, care, pain, iterativity, the moral economy of hope in experimental science, and how spaces outside of the lab and clinic (i.e. the home) become sites of science-in-the-making. Alexandra holds a BA in cultural anthropology with a minor in neuroscience from Duke University, where she followed pre-medical training. She has also conducted research in Togo and Brazil.

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