Carole-Anne Vollette

Position: Visiting researcher
Hometown: Bordeaux, France
Education Background: Bsc in molecular, cellular and physiologic biology, Msc in Neuroscience.

Introduction: Hi ! My name is Carole-Anne and I’ve been studying various topics of research in Neuroscience. In 2018 at the University of Tokyo, Japan, with Dr Yoshiho Ikeuchi I acted on building a simplified model of the brain, to better treat diseases like SLA and Parkinsons. To that aim, we growed brain organoids from IPS cells and made them communicate through an induced axon bundle. Then in 2019 at the Imperial College of London, UK, I worked with Prof Dario Farina on motor unit decomposition. We looked at how signals induced in the motor cortex via TAC stimulations influenced the recruitment of motor units in muscles. In 2020 with Dr Giovanni Bertolini from ETH Zürich, Switzerland, we built a project related to human space research, to create a novel habituation training for astronauts in order to ease the symptoms of motion sickness during space missions.
And today, I am working on how to measure objectively the sense of agency in Myoelectric Pattern Recognition-based prosthetic limb control at the BNL in Sweden. The goal is to determine which control algorithm fro prosthetics leads to the highest sense of agency so that amputees can feel even more in control of their action with prosthetics.

– Kirihara, Takaaki & Luo, Zhongyue & Chow, Siu & Misawa, Ryuji & Kawada, Jiro & Shibata, Shinsuke & Khoyratee, Farad & Vollette, Carole-Anne & Volz, Valentine & Levi, Timothée & Fujii, Teruo & Ikeuchi, Yoshiho. (2019). A Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Tissue Model of a Cerebral Tract Connecting Two Cortical Regions. iScience. 14. 10.1016/j.isci.2019.03.012.

– Ibáñez, Jaime & Spampinato, Danny & Del Vecchio, Alessandro & Vollette, Carole-Anne & Casolo, Andrea & Rothwell, J.C. & Farina, D.. (2020). P250 Transcranial alternating current stimulation does not change the common input to the motor neuron pool. Clinical Neurophysiology. 131. e158. 10.1016/j.clinph.2019.12.360.


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