At CBPR we aim at improving the quality of life in people who have had amputations, central or peripheral nerve injuries, stroke, or other events leading to sensorimotor impairment. Located on Sahlgrenska University Hospital’s campus, it is important to us to develop medical engineering technologies that can be clinically implemented to help patients in need.

Our research focuses on 4 main areas:

  • Bionic arms
  • Bionic legs
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Pain caused by sensorimotor impairments

Although our research is heavily translational, we are also interested in understanding the basic mechanisms of human motor control, perception, and neuropathic pain. Common to our work on translational and basic research in the areas above, we are currently investigating:

  • Neuromusculoskeletal prostheses
  • Bioelectric signals acquisition and processing
  • Decoding of motor volition (machine learning)
  • Somatosensory perception
  • Neurostimulation
  • Neuromuscular interfaces (electrodes)
  • Osseointegration (direct skeletal attachment)
  • Embodiment of artificial limbs (ownership and agency)
  • Phantom sensations
  • Phantom limb pain
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