Software for the prediction of motion intent goes open source!

Max Ortiz Catalan is the lead developer of BioPatRec, the first open source platform for the development and benchmarking of advanced prosthetic control strategies based on pattern recognition of myoelectric signals, i.e., BioPatRec allows the prediction of motion intent through the decoding of muscular activity.
BioPatRec is a research platform (in MATLAB) that allows you to easily implement a variety of algorithms in:

  • Signal processing
  • Features extraction and selection
  • Pattern recognition
  • Real-time control

It is a modular platform that allows you to focus in your particular interest and simply use the other modules as support for the evaluation of your algorithm. Additionally, it includes a Virtual Reality Environment for real-time qualitative and quantitative performance evaluations.
BioPatRec also provides the first open repository of myoelectric signals useful for development and benchmarking.

This research has been funded by Vinnova, Integrum, ALF (Region Västra Götaland), Conacyt, and Promobilia.
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