Upper limb studies we are currently running

1. Implanted interface to nerves, muscle and skeleton

This study is approved by the Swedish Ethical Review Authority and is conducted with Sahlgrenska University Hospital and our medical device partners such as Integrum.

We are looking for adults with arm amputation (above and below-elbow) who wish to undergo surgery for a bone anchored implant. The implant will be connected to your nerves and muscles with electrodes, and will allow you to control a prosthetic arm. We will assess your control of the prosthetic arm with some physical tests such as picking up objects and packing a suitcase, or the control of a virtual arm on a screen while you are sitting down.

Assessments will be performed for two years after recovery from your surgery at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Mölndal, Sweden. During and after the study you will be able to take the prosthetic limb home with you.

As a result of their participation, we expect to be able to offer people with upper limb amputation a prosthetic arm that they can control reliably regardless of arm position and environmental condition. We expect this to provide independent control of two prosthesis functions simultaneously, while eliciting a sensation of touch, as well as reducing phantom limb pain.

Click on the icons below to download printable information on each surgery (in Swedish) or email us for more information at info@cbpr.se

Below-elbow amputation:

Above-elbow amputation:

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