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Phantom limb pain

Pain Research

This area of our research focuses on those experiencing pain after an amputation or other nerve related injury. We are developing non-invasive treatments and surgical solutions for individuals with pain.

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If you would like to be part our research please find ongoing studies below

post amputation pain

Mindful Sensorimotor Therapy (MiSMT) for PLP

An interventional study based on phantom movements and sensory training using the residual limb in people with Phantom Limb Pain (PLP)

smärta orsakad av nervskada

MiSMT With Brain Modulation For Disarticulations Or Nerve Injuries

A study based on phantom movements and sensory training enhanced with brain modulation in individuals with PLP from disarticulation or nerve injury

Kirurgisk behandling av fantomsmärta

Surgical treatments for postamputation pain

A comparison of three different surgical procedures for people experiencing postamputation pain.