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Person with trans-humeral amputation standing in a room with prosthetic hands and an exo-skeleton


In our years of research and development, we've assembled a diverse range of essential equipment, spanning from tools aiding device development to resources for translational experiments. This collection forms the backbone of our scientific pursuits, showcasing cutting-edge instruments.

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We extend an invitation to researchers interested in utilizing these tools to their full potential. Explore our resources and join us in pushing the boundaries of research and technology.




Load testing system

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation by Nexstim. Non-invasive brain stimulation technique using magnetic fields, offering precise targeting for neurological research.

128-channel EEG monitoring system by G-tec. Advanced electroencephalogram system with 128 channels for comprehensive brain activity monitoring and analysis.

Starstim 20 by NeuroElectrics. Wireless 20-channel transcranial Electrical Stimulator and EEG monitor, providing high-definition transcranial electrical stimulation coupled with EEG recording capabilities.

Electromechanical testing system for static and dynamic load testing by Step-Lab. Specialized system for static and dynamic load testing, crucial for assessing the mechanical properties of materials and structures.



Thermal Stimulator

Metabolic analyzer

NIRSport2 by NIRx. Functional near-infrared spectroscopy system, NIRSport2, for non-invasive monitoring of brain activity and oxygenation levels during cognitive tasks.

MARK (The Mobile Arm Rehabilitation Kit) by Myomo. Advanced exoskeleton designed for mobile arm rehabilitation, models for both left and right arms.

Thermal Cutaneous Stimulator by QST.Lab. Controlled pain induction for studying pain perception and responses in research settings.

MetaMax 3B by Cortex. Measuring metabolic parameters during physical activity, providing valuable insights for research in metabolism and exercise physiology.