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We have received generous funding from several organizations who have been critical in the creation and sustenance of CBPR. We depend on research grants and consider that our work is a valuable step towards the investment strategies of these organizations. If you would like to join our community of support, please get in touch.

The Promobilia foundation was one of the original funding bodies that has supported CBPR along our journey to date. As their name suggests we very much align with the values of the foundation and look forward to continuing to develop technical aids for individuals with sensorimotor impairments to benefit from a more active life

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Promobilia Foundation

Promobilia promotes the development of technologies in technical aids for people with mobility impairments

collaborate with us

Lundberg Foundation

The foundation aims to promote scientific medical research into cancer, renal disease and orthopaedics.

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The organisation funds research and innovation projects that can benefit society.

amputation rehabilitation


The organisation funds research in all scientific fields, predominantly basic research.