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Advisory board

Dr. Carina Reinholdt, MD, PhD

Carina Reinholdt, MD, PhD

Head of hand surgery and CARE and Senior consultant hand surgeon SUH
Prof. Anders Karlström, PhD

Prof. Anders Karlström

Professor of automatic control and Head of electrical engineering department at Chalmers
Prof. Ola Rolfson, MD

Prof. Ola Rolfson, MD

Professor in orthopedics at GU and Senior consultant orthopedic surgeon at SUH
Anders Björkman, MD, PhD

Prof. Anders Björkman, MD

Professor in hand surgery at GU and Senior consultant hand surgeon at SUH
Dr. Peter Dahm, MD

Peter Dahm, MD, PhD

Head of department of anesthesiology and intensive care at SUH
Assoc. Prof. Anna Nilsdotter, MD, PhD

Assc. Prof. Anna Nilsdotter, MD

Associate Professor and Head of orthopaedics department at SUH