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ICPLP2021 – Prof. Flor: Phantom limb pain: a dynamic network perspective
ICPLP2021 – Prof. Prescott: The role of spike synchrony in tactile perception revealed by …
ICPLP2021 – Dr. Bekrater-Bodmann: Prosthesis embodiment and phantom limb pain
ICPLP2021 – Prof. Bolognini: Noninvasive brain stimulation therapies inphantom limb pain
ICPLP2021 – A.Prof. Shores & A. Prof. Tuffaha: Contemporary Surgical Approaches for Neuroma …
ICPLP2021 – Prof. Cederna: Use of RPNIs for the Prevention and Treatment of Neuroma and Phantom Pain
ICPLP2021 – Prof. Kuiken: Targeted Muscle Reinnervation for the treatment of Postamputation Pain
ICPLP2021 – Dr. Raffin: Can the link between cortical/peripheral remapping and phantom limb…
ICPLP2021 – Prof. Makin: Stability of sensory topographies in amputees
ICPLP2021 – Prof. Ortiz Catalan: Neurogenesis and treatment of PLP